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Save time and effort by exporting Twitter followers and following data to CSV with just one click. Get valuable insights about your audience and make informed marketing decisions.

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Powerful and Easy-to-Use Twitter Followers Export Tool

Our Twitter Followers Export Tool simplifies the process of extracting and saving followers and following lists from any Twitter user. Say goodbye to manual data collection and embrace the power of streamlined follower exports for informed decision-making.

What type of data can you export via our Twitter Follower Exporter

The following table lists all supported data fields.

Field NameDescription
User IDA unique identifier assigned to each Twitter user.
UsernameThe public name that a Twitter user chooses to represent themselves.
NameThe name of a Twitter user.
LocationThe location information of a Twitter user.
CategoryThe professional category that a Twitter user identifies themselves with.
Creation TimeThe account creation time of a Twitter user.
Number of FollowersThe total number of followers a Twitter user has.
Number of FollowingThe total number of users a Twitter user follows.
Number of TweetsThe total number of tweets a Twitter user has posted.
Number of MediaThe total number of videos or photos a Twitter user has posted.
Number of LikesThe total number of tweets a Twitter user has liked.
Number of Public ListsThe total number of public lists a Twitter user is a member of.
Is VerifiedIndicates whether the Twitter account is verified or not.
Is ProtectedIndicates whether the Twitter account is private or not.
Can DMIndicates whether the Twitter account can receive direct messages.
Can Tag in MediaIndicates whether the Twitter account can be tagged in media.
Possibly SensitiveIndicates whether the Twitter account's content may be sensitive.
BiographyThe text that a Twitter user has written about themselves.
User HomepageA link to the user's Twitter homepage.
Avatar URLThe URL of the Twitter user's profile picture.
Profile Banner URLThe URL of the Twitter user's profile banner.

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Frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

    • What is Twitter Follower Exporter?

      Twitter Follower Exporter is a tool that allows you to export any Twitter user's followers and following data to a CSV or Excel file. This can be useful to identify potential leads, tailor your marketing campaigns, and gain deeper insights into your audience.
    • How to find a Twitter username?

      When you visit a user's profile page, you'll notice their Twitter username displayed beneath their name. It typically begins with the '@' symbol.
    • How to Export Twitter Follower list?

      To Export Twitter Follower list, simply add our extension to browser and create an account. Once you have signed in, you can input the username whose follower list you want to export and click the "Export" button. The followers data will be exported to a CSV or Excel file, which you can then download to your computer.
    • How to upgrade my plan?

      To upgrade your plan, please note that the process currently requires manual intervention from our side. To initiate the upgrade, kindly reach out to our support team and provide them with the details of your desired plan. They will assist you in upgrading to the plan that best fits your needs.
    • What is Twitter rate limit?

      Twitter imposes rate limits to manage the volume of requests to its API and prevent abuse. Typically, the most common rate limit interval is 15 minutes. Please note that the limit for retrieving follower data is stricter than for following data. However, rest assured that our app already handles these rate limits seamlessly. It will automatically pause and retry, ensuring uninterrupted exports.
    • Can I cancel my subscription?

      You can cancel your subscription at any time. You can do this from your extension's subscription page.